Faroway's Lighthouse
Faroway's Lighthouse

Faroway Software represents the software development services of Ryan Woodham.

Ryan is a "Full Stack" software engineer with an emphasis in back-end development.

He has specialized in software architecture and development using Microsoft technologies (.NET and SQL Server).

I enjoy helping businesses succeed through new products and services. I'm specifically interested in joining my love of engineered systems with compelling web applications.

- Ryan Woodham

Back-end Database

Desktop Software

Web Applications

Starting with a career of developing engineering software in Windows, Ryan transitioned into web development 3 years ago. Faroway Software separates itself from many developers by living and breathing structured development practices. Ryan's projects typically mix in concepts from Agile with bits of Waterfall and he pays attention to the nuts-and-bolts of code structure, object-orientation, and style.

Ryan's diverse background in software development allows him to select the right tool for the job, whether that tool is a management process, design concept, technology, or off-the-shelf library.

With over 12 years of experience in software development, Faroway Software brings together a variety of technologies. HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript libraries (jQuery) on the front-end with Microsoft .NET 4.5, ASP.NET (MVC3) and SQL Server on the back-end. Providing web, desktop, server-to-server, and hardware-software solutions.

Explore those tools below and how Faroway Software can help you accomplish your goals.